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Jan 03

Be glasses and contact lens free during the day!

Contact lens optician, Keith Williams is introducing the overnight vision correction ‘Eye Dream’ to Taylor’s opticians Frodsham.

EyeDream is a vision therapy that brings a modern approach to a technique known as orthokeratology or ortho k. EyeDream lenses are manufactured from a highly oxygen permeable material. When worn during sleep, the lenses apply a controlled shape to the ‘window’ at the front of the eye (the cornea), eliminating your short sightedness, so that you can be glasses and contact lens free during the day.

The vision correction is fully reversible, so if you decide to stop wearing your EyeDream lenses, your eyes will return to their original shape and you will see clearly with your glasses again. This makes EyeDream an excellent alternative to laser eye surgery.
EyeDream is available to patients with the following degrees of short sightedness:

A spherical spectacle prescription of -0.75D up to -5.00D
Astigmatism of up to -2.50D

As well as being an expert in all types of contact lens fitting, our contact lens optician, Keith Williams FBDO (Hons) CL has attended an extensive programme of training prior to treating patients with EyeDream. Find out more about EyeDream, also known as ortho-k on www.orthoklenses.com

Still interested in EyeDream? Then why not contact us, or call in to book your assessment with Keith at Taylor’s Opticians Frodsham.

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