Breaking News – Rudolph

Breaking News – Rudolph hover background

Nov 22


Rudolph the red nose reindeer, has arrived at Taylor’s Opticians Frodsham to have an eye test before his Christmas travels begin.

During Rudolph’s visit to Taylor’s Opticians, he decided to try on some glasses, and asked us to take his picture wearing them so that the other reindeers could see how good he looked in glasses. We saved some of the pictures for you to see how good Rudolph looks.

We are pleased to say Rudolph has very healthy eyes, because he eats lots of fruit and vegetables, but most of all he loves carrots.

Rudolph knows how important it is to eat healthy foods like carrots, and he has left his carrot lunch box in our window, for anyone under 16 to guess how many carrots Rudolph likes to eat at lunch time, and the winner will receive their very own cuddly Rudolph to take home and look after.

So next time you’re in Frodsham, call into Taylor’s Opticians to have a look at our great range of kids glasses, and enter our free Rudolph competition.

Contact us on 01928 732255 for more information.

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